Thursday, December 25, 2008

Virginia's Views on Google Lively

1) On 12-10-08, Westwood Schools made Lively history. Our ninth grade class held the first virtual protest on Lively by Google. After the protest we still wanted our voices heard so we created a blog post called the Digiteen Dream Team Blog. My role in the blog was recording a Woogi World video telling how we used the website educationally.


My favorite room was the Protester Room. It was my favorite because it was colorful and my classmates worked the hardest on it.

1. Lively Protest
I was in the room at the time of the protest. I also helped with the background sounds.

2. Digiteen Dream Team Blogpost
Kunjan and I recorded a Save Lively video that we sent to CNN and the NY Times. We posted this video on
the digiteen dream team blog.

3. Woogi World Blogposts
Krysten, Tinsley, Kunjan, and I all did this blog post. We did it to help everyone see that virtual worlds can
be used for educational purposes.

Some measures of effective blogging are posting a lot of blogs and doing them over something that would be interesting to read. You can analyze a blog's rankings by going to Technorati. Yes, this lets us know that the blog was global.

A few ways to build up traffic on your blog is to post a lot of them, to leave comments on other blogs, and to be professional.

I definitely think the effort was worth it. I have learned that kids can make a difference on the internet. I disagree; I think that students should work with Web 2 technologies because it is what we will be using in the future and we need to go ahead and get prepared.

I say I hope it will be half as successful as Lively, and I hope we can branch out on new ways to teach kids digital citizenship on the other worlds.

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