Monday, December 29, 2008

Saving Lively - Trent's Google Lively Reflection

this is what happens when you press a wrong button
My class has been teaching seventh graders about digital citizenship with a program called Lively by google. We were just starting to get through to them when Google decided that Lively was useless and is going to shut it down. We are doing everything that we can to try and stop them. I have been posting comments and replying to people commenting back on our blog ( That may not seem like a big deal but when you put soo much time and effort into something and people say that it is all for nothing it makes you really mad. We have all been trying to make them understand that is all for a cause, to keep the kids safe. Right now my main goal is trying to get Google to go open source with Lively.
This is the room that we are going to burry our avatars in

I have also been working on making the rooms and t-shirts that we are using to protest in Lively. The t-shirts were really agrivating to make because every time I would get about done I would press a wrong button and the whole thing would go blank (This is what happend one of the time I pressed a wrong button. Try working on something for three days and then hitting a wrong button and having to start all over, frustrating isn't it.

I have made several rooms but to tell you the truth none of them even came close to one of the rooms that T-rob made. His rooms were amazing. We could not have done any of this if it were not for him. His artistic ability is just amazing. The only room that I have made that we are going to use is that westwood burial. We are going to use it to burry our avatars. The message behind this protest is ," We might as well go ahead and burry our avatars, their going away anyway."

T-rob is still the one that I am going to give all of my credit to. He just does soo much work on our rooms that it is redicilious. He is amazing at making and editing rooms. I have made a whole lot of rooms but none of them even come close to any of the rooms that he has made. His worst room is soo much better than my best room that it is not even funny.

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