Thursday, December 18, 2008

Krysten's View on the Digiteen Dream

We'll be sharing the reflections of the students over the next few days.  Krysten's thoughts:

Digiteen Dream Team is what my classmates and I call ourselves. We protested Google because they are shutting down Lively, their virtual world. Lively is a great educational tool and we used it to teach our seventh graders about Digital Citizenship. We created a blog call the Digiteen Dream Team Blog to share with everyone. My personal job was to create a job with three of my classmates. We called it A Look into Virtual Worlds Teaching with Elementary Kids: Woogi World.

I did not have a favorite room. Here is my avatar:

We used Technorati to measure our blog ranking. We used to measure our traffic. On statcounter, we used maps to see where in the world people were looking at our blog. These statistics showed me that information can spread rapidly because of technology.

To build traffic for our blog, we commented on other blogs and we made sure to link to our blog. We also got traffic from Mrs. Vicki's blog.

I feel that our efforts were worth all the trouble we went through. We had people say mean things about us but we kept going. I learned to not let other people's opinions keep me from doing what is right. Some people think that we should not teach others about digital citizenship because they think it can be taught in twenty minutes and that it wont help. But the fact is that more and more people are using the internet and if they dont know how to use it properly, it could be dangerous.

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