Monday, December 22, 2008

Livelyzens Celebrate Christmas (and the End of Time)

This Livelyzen youtube video celebrates Lively, Christmas, and the end of time (for Lively, that is.)

So sad to see Lively go.


My Second Life said...

Very cute a sad at same time. I was hoping that Lively would keep going and growing, too. I will miss the Twitter & Plurk EduBloggers' Lounge, where we already had a farewell gathering a couple weeks back.

Virtual worlds and creativity will move forward even with this one loss. And that excites me!

--Frank in Mexico (Salty Saenz in SL)

bowen said...

welcome to Lively return

Bring you new adventure!!!!

bowen said...

a message from my friends:

there is a company which is going to rebuild lively