Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ready to share our thoughts: Take a look at how a virtual protest looks

From the teacher of the Digiteen Dream Team

I've listened to the protest recording and they are ready. They have made some mega innovations.

1) We've made a recording and will actually run the protest twice so we can let as many people as possible view it -- it is an audio recording that will stream in the room starting at 2:10 and then after we've run the 20 minute set of speeches, etc. that the kids have recorded -- we'll run it again.

So, the sound will stream into the room and you'll hear their words.

2) Their avatars will also speak the words at the same time that the words are played so it will really look like a protest.

At least this is how we hope it goes.

The protest is held at the Google Plex Mountain view room and the students have customized it in many ways.

3) We have a song that will debut (the chorus of it) and the band has already set up their instruments and practiced.

We've learned so many more things about Lively and I really wish they would reconsider make it a like environment as Oracle has done with their product. I'm getting emails from people who have evaluated many worlds and really were getting ready to use Lively in their classroom -- six months is not enough of a cycle to give educators time to adopt something!!!

Google is getting rid of a potential money maker from the education sector
OH, Google, you're making a big mistake not using lively as a product for educators. If you charged schools $20 a month to make content and have rooms and had 2,000 teachers - that would be $40,000 a month -- and there are so many other ways you could make money as well (as the students have already shared.)

So, check back here at 2:10 -- the first 20 people (15 of which are us) will get in the room and the next 100 will be able to observe. We will run it twice. Please don't go in the room before 2:10 to give us time to set up.

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