Friday, December 12, 2008

10 Things About Lively

1. It helped us learn about virtual worlds.
Google Lively was one of the first virtual worlds that any of us had ever used. It was so much fun to be able to learn about Lively. We learned what a virtual worlds limits were. We learned correct behavior in the worlds. We also learned how to create our own virtual worlds.

2. We learned how to make respectable avatars on Lively.
Because we were going to be teaching seventh graders, we needed to set a good example. We all made our avatars resemble super heroes. These superheroes would engross the seventh graders, and make them respectable figures so that they would want to learn about Digital Citizenship.

3. It helped us teach in a safe environment.
One of our main concerns about teaching in a virtual world was that bad people that would use foul language would get into the room, and ruin the message that we were trying to teach the kids. Google Lively allowed us to make rooms private, which only let certain people enter the room. This made our teaching safe and fun.

4. It gave us a chance to interact with other people online.
When we were experimenting with Lively, we met a lot of really nice people that enjoyed the site just as well as we did. It was a great experience being able to meet people in a virtual world that we would never have been able to meet otherwise.

5. We learned how to work together as a team.
The biggest challenge of this project was being able to organize the lessons that we were scheduled to teach in the limited amount of time that we had. This project not only taught us time management, but also taught us to work in a group together. The lessons that we learned while doing this project are lessons that we will able to keep and use all through high school and the rest of our lives.

6. We learned how the internet can be both bad and good.
There is a lot of good on the internet. We can search for information about projects, receive and send emails, and watch funny music videos on YouTube. Let's face it. There is also a lot of bad on the internet as well. Our Lively rooms were infiltrated by few bad people who wanted to use bad language and bad gestures. In the midst of these happenings, we learned a lesson. We have to protect ourselves on the internet, and we have to teach other students how to handle themselves on the internet. These incidents provoked us to want to teach other people how to be safe online. Because we were exposed to these bad things on Lively, we were able to correct it. We took the bad incidents that we had and turned them into examples of what not to do when you are in a virtual classroom. The parents of our students were very appreciative of our teaching of digital citizenship. They were glad that their children were exposed to to a safe and friendly atmosphere in which they learned how to behave online. One parent said,"Yes, I enjoyed the teachings because it made my child take an interest in computers that he had never had before. He was woogi worlding it all the time."

7. We learned that lively is a very helpful place for kids
It helps under aged kids understand how to be safe on the internet and how to avoid predators on it.
It also teaches them how to act to one another on the internet. They can talk to their friends on it and make it their own place
where only they can go to.The kids can talk to each other in private like they could not with their other friends.

8. We learned how to teach younger students in a way that they will understand.
The internet is a very fun and interesting place, where you can meet many different people from all over the world, but you need to know how to act towards the other people. One of the main differences about talking to someone over the internet and talking to someone face to face is your expressions. When you talk to someone over the internet, you need to be careful because people over the internet can't see your expressions or hear your voice, so even if you say something in a joking manner, they might take it as offensive. With Lively, the younger students got to experience this first hand with each other.

9. We learned to support each other.

Many times when you have to do a project, there is one person who takes over and does most of the work. But with this project, everyone in the group had to participate and do some work, because there was just too much stuff for one person to do. Since there was so much stuff to do, and since it was such a tough project, we had to help and support each other, or otherwise we never would have gotten the project done. This project got frustrating sometimes, and without the support from others, it wouldn't have been possible.

10. Most importantly we learned how to HAVE FUN!
On Lively you can do a lot of things that you can do in real life. You can make your own avatar like how you want it to look. Also on Lively you can make your own place for yourself and have friends over to swim. You can make your avatar do whatever you want it to do. They can flirt, fight, dance, talk, and make faces at another person. You can even party with your friends on it.


Daniel said...

I agree that lively is a great thing for kids online as long as they use it correctly and dont do bad stuff on them .

Riley said...

I agree with this post because i learned how to work together as a group to get our task done.