Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Letter from a college professor about Lively

I, Mrs. Vicki Davis (the teacher), got this letter from a professor. After testing multiple virtual worlds, I too agree that Lively is the best alternative, or I would have taken the kids somewhere else.

She writes:

Noooooo! They can't kill Lively! I've investigated quite a number of Virtual World options for something that would work for both students and faculty (easy to learn, PG-13 setting, not too commercialized, accessible and customizable even at a zero-pay option, etc), and Lively was the only one to meet all of my criteria.

I had planned to do a Faculty Development workshop on Lively later in the Spring 2009 semester (March or April, two training workshops, each for about 25 faculty). I hope Google will consider holding out for a few more months -- we have a very creative faculty group, and I'm sure they'd find amazing ways to incorporate a truly friendly virtual environment into their teaching.

Please keep me posted!
-Dr. Mary McGlasson, Economics Faculty
Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Chandler, AZ

Thanks for the letter Dr. McGlasson. If you have a lively story in education, please email it to Thanks!

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Deirdre said...

I posted this to the Active Learning Blog Carnival

This is very disapointing.