Friday, December 5, 2008

10 Ways Lively can make money

1 - T-shirts and Avatar clothing for Sale
- Let companies "buy" t-shirt space or let companies "bid" on spaces in lively -- livelyzens will agree to wear the corporate t-shirt or a logo that week that is up for bid - this would be an easy free way for supporters support it. Every avatar would have a "logo spot" -- and on that spot would appear that days bidder. Each avatar could also specify a rating (see rooms below) and specify their interests so the advetising that appears on their clothing would be more targeted to that type of person. The best advertising is that of people who use the service.

2 - Pay for "eyeballs" - Let users "pick" their advertising "bling" of the day -- what they support and like -- then, the advertisers pay google for each avatar that picks their bling and pays by how many other avatars "see" the advertising "bling" -- literally paying for "eyeballs" -- something that cannot be done in the real world.

3 - Advertising billboards - people who support lively can designate spaces in their rooms to allow advertising to rotate through the rooms - again, this would be for bid. Let each person rate their room as to its use -- G - general audiences E - education, etc - this would allow targeted ads to get to the right people.

4 - Avatars - The companies can also create avatars to go in the worlds to advertise their products to other people.

5 - Commercials - Companies can stream commercials into the room. Events of certain categories can have "sponsors" who sign up to support that type of event.

6 - Products - Companies can put virtual products that they make in real life in the room

7 - Donations - Google can ask for donations.

8 - Rooms - Google can charge to make each room

9 - Ads - Google can show ads before people actually enter the rooms.

10 - Company rooms - The companies can create their own rooms that are bigger and better than the rooms that normal people can make, and they can advertise in their own rooms.

I think that if we want to keep Google Lively alive, that Google should allow companies to advertise so that Google can make money by having Lively.

Written by: Nole52, and Brooks02


Alfred Thompson said...

Some people are saying that the reason Google is shutting this down in not just because they can't make money from it but because it doesn't feed into their core mission which is about getting and indexing information. Everything else they do gets information that they can use across other tools. They can index the information in email, in Google docs, in blogs and more. But a virtual world like Lively does not lend itself to that. So it doesn't fit for them. What do you think of that arguement?

Craig A. Cunningham said...

Wow, this is a great set of suggestions. I am sure that if Google kept Lively long enough for it to become "lively" that advertisers would take many of these suggestions. The thing is, what makes YOU think Lively should be saved? It seems so....."lifeless"....compared to something like Second Life.

zindagi hacker said...

cool ideas. I can make a general template of these ideas which can be applied to any web application.

So as a blogger, something like "10 ways your web site can make money" will appeal to more people than "10 ways Lively can make money". If I am blogging for more people to come to my blog , I will write articles that appeals to a lot of people. At the same time, If I am passionate about lively, I will write that.

So always remember what is the objective of your blog posting. Brining lots of people or expressing your ideas.

zindagi hacker said...

by the way, i am kapil from new delhi,india

MaryLou said...

Your ideas are top notch. I hope you have sent this link to the Google gurus. The more they hear from Lively users, the better.

John Pallister said...

Considering its potential for education, it will be a shame if Lively is not developed. Perhaps an analogy with parks in the Real World - a place to support recreation and leisure. A place away from work, a place in which to learn and communicate with others.

Who funds these parks in the Real World? the community, or historically the employers who benefit from the increased production, improved health etc of their employers.

So Google, what about giving something back to the community that feeds you?

Anonymous said...

I think all your suggestions are on target. There must be some other reason they are closing Lively. It is too bad, since it may just have given Second Life a little bit of competition. Competition normally helps us users in that, both companies keep developing new and exciting add-ons or ideas for their platforms to better the other. That means cool new stuff for us!

Fight the good fight and send those ideas to Google. Perhaps if they see the educational community reacting and asking for more, they'll keep it afloat a bit longer to see what might come of it.

Good posts and keep blogging your ideas!

Jimbo Lamb said...

This is always an issue when dealing with something in Google Labs. Keep in mind, even if you come up with a spectacular plan, you might still fall short of your goal. Don't let that discourage you. Any plan that does not work will lead to many learning opportunities that can be applied to future ventures. I wish you much luck in this venture, and I hope that Google will listen to your pleas.

dreamer2032 said...
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L Winebrenner said...

Hey Digiteen Dream Team,
You all are awesome. I wish my daughter and all of her friends could have a Cool Cat Teacher and an opportunity to be a part of a digiteen dream team. Your dream team is one part of the change we want to see in education and in life.

I applaud your efforts in justifying why Google should keep Lively...if it does not your dream team provides lessons learned to be shared by all. I know it is difficult to realize that many of the tools and apps you use today may not have existed when were born. You all are the creators (not just users) of the next generation technology gadgets, apps, and processes. As many of us who work with youth, you are strongly encouraged to be one part of the solution – Has the group thought about creating a product like Lively that suits the needs of the group and incorporates the issues you have with the product such as no export or interoperability features?

Your efforts are not wasted and regardless of the outcome. Your efforts will also teach you and demonstrate to others through your blog/actions about how to continue advocating for people, processes, and products you are passionate about throughout your life. Don’t forget to review Google’s corporate philosophy top 10 list, with #10 being “Great is not good enough.”

Your digiteen dream team leads the way in more ways than you realize today. I look forward to seeing your group venturing out and being the leaders in whatever causes the digiteen dream team pursues or your individual pursuits as you blaze your own trails.

Keep up the great work! The digiteen dream team is inspiring others so continue to keep us posted on your progress and the courses of action (COA) the digiteen dream team decides upon as you continue to advocate for Lively!

Thanks digiteens!
Ms. L Winebrenner

Vicki A. Davis said...

These are great conversations and I expect more of my students will respond as dreamer has as well.

I would say that a 3d world has all types of indexable information, however, it is indexable perhaps in a web 3d sort of way - obviously, the chats themselves if in a public room could be indexed, but we're moving to a place where objects, maps, graphs, pictures, and even rooms will need to become part of the "index" - another "tab" if you will on Google will be 3d or virtual items to take with your avatar.

The biggest thing is that we need something free, browser based, that lets us make free private rooms and we're looking for an alternative. I don't think lively really knew what they had here.

Cheryl Oakes said...

I really liked your top 10 list. It was succinct, persuasive and very powerful. Keep on trying, don't stop until you feel everyone has heard you.

dreamer2032 said...

Thank you for commenting on our blog. I would like to express our determination on stopping Google from deleting Lively. We are going to work hard to achieve our goal. On the subject of Lively not giving information like other Google sites, I would like to say that Lively taught us many things. Though the information may have been taught indirectly, we learned about virtual worlds. We learned what all was possible on the virtual worlds. We learned how to make avatars, and how to manipulate those avatars so they would act appropriately. We also learned how to work as a team. Through this project, we learned how to give ideas and take ideas. This was a total learning experience. If it had not been for Google Lively, we would not have learned the precious information that we know today.

Patrick Black said...

I have to say, as a teacher, you have done a great job coming up with several different suggestions, and it really looks like you've thought these things through. Good Luck on lobbying Google to keep Lively going!

Andy said...

I am a teacher in Thailand... I have been following your saga...

You guys and your teacher, Ms. Vicki, ROCK!

Keep at it... two years ago said that the US wasn't ready for a big change... but, history was made.

Don't give up and remember, if at first you don't succeed and all that stuff...

Be strong, I would say be good, but I think you already are...

Andy in a small town in Thailand

dreamer2032 said...

Hello Everyone,
I would like to thank you all for viewing our blogs. We appreciate all of your support. I would like to invite you all to a protest that we are having in Livley tomorrow. To come to the protest, go to After you are on the site, type in lively protester room in the search all rooms blank, and it should take you straight to the room. We would love for you all to come.