Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sydnee's digiteen Dream Team Reflection on Google Lively

- Our class has been working fora month on the Lively project. When we heard it was shutting down, we were very upset. Our freshmen class has used Lively to teach middle school aged students about digital citizenship.
-When we heard Lively was shutting down our class decided to create a blog to reach out and tell others about Lively and the great uses of it. On the blog I added a video Jordan, Tinsley, and I filmed. Kunjan and Virginia were protesting Lively shutting down and telling everyone the great uses. My classmates and I have also reached out by commenting on other peoples blogs so they will link to ours.
-My avatar has changed numerous time throughout our project. When we first started this project I was "Gadget Pig". Now, I am a normal person. My favorite room was the "Lively Protester Room." This room was my favorite because of the layout and what we have done in that room.

-During these past two weeks I have primarily focused on our class's blog, and alerting the media. Jordan and I helped Miller with our class's ten reasons we love Google Lively. Jordan and I came up with the ten reasons and then Miller elaborated some on each of them. Most of our reasons had to do with how much we loved Lively and how it helped us teach the middle schools students. Jordan, Tinsley, and I filmed Kunjan and Virginia expressing their feelings for why Lively should not be shut down in their video "Digiteens are Protesting Google Lively Shutting Down". We edited the movie and added it as a blog post on our "Digiteen Dream Team" blog. On Friday we sent our movie to Fox news with Mrs. Vicki's help. On Monday Mrs. Vicki had each of us split up and comment back to a blog that commented on ours. I commented on the "Read Write Web" and told everyone how devastated my classmates and I would be if all of our hard work was deleted.
- Blogging correctly has many benefits. I am very glad Mrs. Vicki has taught us to blog because I think that has helped our success with reaching out to others about Google Lively on our "Digiteen Dream Team" blog. One major thing that you have to do when you are blogging is look at your blog often and comment back to others who are reading so that they remain interested in what you are blogging about.
- I think where our class's blog is ranking is very good. Considering the fact that our blog has only been up for a number of weeks and is ranked 337,303 is amazing. Mrs. Vicki was telling us how great our progress was because it took a little over a year for her blog to become that popular. I think that if we continue to blog our amount of traffic we are picking up will become higher. We need to continue to reach out to everyone reading our blog and add comments on other people's blog and continue to get the word out about this amazing program. I think that it tells us if you are active with your blog and reply to comments left on your blog, that people will become interested in what you are doing and stay interested.
-People get readers for their blogs many ways. If you post comments on other blogs you are getting the message out to people who did not know that it existed. I think that if you give your blog an interesting name it will keep people interested. Adding blog posts weekly, adding videos, and pictures is another way to keep the people reading your blog interested.I also think that if you comment back to people who read your blog you will help people to continue reading your blog.
-The Google Lively project has been an amazing project to work on. I feel like the effort my classmates and I put into the Lively project is well worth our time. I think that if you are helping younger children and they are learning from what you do it is definitely worthwhile. I have learned many things about virtual worlds since becoming part of the Lively project. I have learned about virtual worlds and how they operate, how to create rooms, and how to treat people better online.I think teachers should give their students a chance. They might do better at exploring and learning about virtual worlds than you think. I feel like if you give them a chance and it does not work then you can take it away because you have a reason
-I do not really care where our next virtual world is.I think that if we have to explore our next world like we did Lively it will be just as easy if not easier. I know that Mrs. Vicki will make the right decision for our class when we find a virtual world.

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