Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pictures from the Livley Protest

These are some pictures from the Lively Protest. We took these pictures in our Lively Protester Room.


Brady said...

These are great pictures of lively. Tt amazing that we are able to take pictures of virtual worlds.

tyler said...

These pictures from the lively protest were really good and were taken for a good cause. I hope Google has been watching. Keep lively alive!

dustin040615 said...

I liked the pictures from the Lively protest. They were taken with everyone in them. I think that Google should keep Lively but thats there decision. There was a good amount of people at the protest. They have only had it open for 6 months and I think they should at least keep it open for another 6 months.

Trent said...

Thanks soo much for posting about us we really need as many people as we can get to post. Every person that we have helps the cause a lot more than you know.

These are great pictures and we will be having another protest next week. I will give you more details about when and in what room when the time gets closer