Sunday, December 21, 2008

T-rob's reflection on Google Lively

T-rob was our very gifted world-creator in Lively.  It is an amazing talent that none of us knew he had, but he does.  If a gaming or animation company could get this student, even now, he'd be a gift!

This is t-rob's reflection:


My part was to make all the rooms that we would use in the protest. I was in charge of trying out new virtual worlds for our class since Lively is closing.

My favorite room is the Stairway to Heaven because I have built a stairway to heaven and a hotel over the ocean. My other favorite room was Lively Protester Room

These were my favorite rooms because I enjoyed making them and then communicating with other people there. I have made all the rooms and decorated them.

Having good titles and replying to other peoples blogs. I look them up on the technoroti I think that is how you spell it. It tells you how many people have the same opinion as you and the people who think differently about certain topics. By commenting on other peoples blogs that way they will look at your blogs and comment on yours.

Yes, some people will never get the chance we had to fight for what we believe in. Learned that some companies no matter how big can be selfish and only care about the money.  I disagree they are great places to learn and communicate with friends.Yes, I think we should search for the next best virtual world that everyone enjoys."

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