Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kunjan's Reflection on Google Lively

Digiteen Dream Team is a website we created to blog about our protest on Lively. Lively is a 3D virtual world that is created by Google. Because Google is shutting Lively down, my classmates and I protested Google.

This is my Avatar. I have not done many things with designing room, but I gave a speech in the protest. In my speech, I talked about Woogi World. In order to find your ranking, you go to Technorati. By posting many blogs, your blogs will be very effective. Also if you promote your blog as you leave comments on other people's blogs, your blog would be more effective. We found our traffic on Stat Counter. to cause traffic about your blog, you should talk about it and make videos to promote it.

I do believe that my blog was worth it.

The whole protest showed that 3D worlds are a great way to do many things.

I think that not doing what you think is right because it has a chance of failure is ridiculous. I think that all virtual worlds should be considered. Lively was a great way to teach people about digital citizenship. If Google saw how great it works, they would not shut it down.

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