Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Claret School in Quezon, Phillipines join the protest to Ask Google to Save Lively

This is a shout out to the amazing students at the Claret School in Quezon in the  Philippines who have joined the protest. See their avatars and thoughts on lively on their wiki. They have done a great job!!!

Some of the best quotes:

I am Daniel Medalla from 2-STM
(cant put a picture of my lively character.........)
Lively is important beacuse some of us teenagers bond in that site.
Please support this website....
It's a cool site.......^^
 Hi I am Ervin Paul Angelo Gatchalian from 2-SIL
I want to extend lively 1stly because it helps children around the world not to be addict
in violent games in computer and helps children to learn how they can interact with someone
they don't know. I hope lively will not only extend but be permanent site.

Hi I'm Matthew Narciso from 2-ssm and I wish to speak about lively and hope that they can extend the limit of lively to our computers and to our friends as well.
I hope for the whole wide world to know about lively and help in saving lively from complete obliteration. I wish for all of you to know that lively is not just a normal chat room, its a place weere we can be one. For lively has placed a part in our lives by uniting everybody around us and to make us one in our relations and many more. We hope for you to understand that lively will be one of the best visual websites in the world to me.

What I Think About Closing Down Lively...

I think lots of people who use google will rebel and be sad because the site is so creative and advanced in technology. Indeed i have seen this in action thanks to this site : I hope and pray that the digiteam dreamteam will be able to make lively stay. Pls check the site to truly understand what I mean.
Hi!!! My name is Jan Crisides C. Corrado of II-STM.
This is my avatar from
I gave him new clothes, and a new look.
Now, let me talk to you about the shut down of Lively. Lively is a great way for us to interact, communicate and have fun all at the same time. So now I'm talking to anyone who reads this and has a Lively account, got to Lively right now and protest against the shut down of Lively.

 They've made a great wiki.  Google isn't listening, we're pretty sure.  But if more students join in and tell Google that lively is GREAT for education - then it will be apparent that they are missing out.  Please join us.

  1. Create a lively avatar.
  2. Blog it, share it, comment it, tweet it, write about it!!! Speak out about how Lively can be used in education and ask others to do the same.  Share why Google should reconsider.
  3. Sign the google lively petition -- come on sign the petition!!!!
  4. Share what you think are alternatives and why 3d worlds are useful in education.
  5. Write a letter to Google.  To do this, write your letter and post it on the Google Lively Help forum or also simulpost it publicly on your blog as well.
 The students have many plans.  If you have a protest, please send us an email to and we'll post your information here.  We want as many students and teachers as possible to share their viewpoints.

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