Friday, December 12, 2008

Students in Hong Kong are joining in the protest

Students and educators in Hong Kong are joining in the protest.  On the Kellett School ICT blog, they say:

I'm a big fan of Google, I think they do some great things that impact hugely upon teaching and learning. We've used loads of their tools at Kellett... Earth, Sketchup, Maps, Docs, Picasa, and sometimes students even use it for searching!

However, their recent decision to shut down Google Lively at the end of December has caused dismay amongst many in education who see the opportunity to extend classrooms into virtual environments as an important strand of 21st Century Learning. Whilst it's true that major virtual grids exist elsewhere, such as Second Life, the ability to create your own rooms and customise them for your own students offers huge potential.

Education is still only just dipping it's toe into the possibilities that virtual worlds afford us, but it's companies like Google with it's track record of creating innovative tools for educators that should be leading the way, not bailing out without giving leading innovaters time to experiment and share their practise."
If you speak out, leave us a message and let us know so we can share your thoughts.

Will Google listen to educators who think they've really done a GREAT job with Lively or will they move ahead and make a decision that will impact their future profitability?

I wonder if perhaps Google will look back in 5-6 years on this moment like the Big 3 automakers look back with chagrin on their decision not to invest in eco-friendly cars in their Research & Development. 

Virtual worlds are the emerging future - how is Google going to search and index them without some sort of beta test bed to work on those algorithms?

This is a great tool for education, speak out!

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L Winebrenner said...

Hey Digiteens,
Have had your blog on my to do list during the last few busy days. I had to finish my own school work. I am glad you have found global students to connect with in your pursuit to "Keep Lively Alive".

Loved the UStream recording and I wish I could have taken time off of work to participate in your activities.

Keep up the great work! Your future is so bright we all need shades...wondering which of these students will be running for President in 20 years