Friday, December 26, 2008

Ethan's Views on Lively

Around a month ago my fellow Westwood colleagues and I began working in lively and exploring this great virtual world. We found it extremely exiting and interesting also it was very educational we found for kids from the ages of twelve years and up to teach about what to do and what not to do on the internet. Most of us have worked very hard in lively and were very upset when we foundout that google was shuting it down after all the time that we had put into lively. That is why we formed a protest and have tried to stop google from shutting down and have spent many hours in doing so. One of the ways that we did this was by creating a blog called digiteen dream team.It was catchy and was appropriate for the cause you can find it at please come and support us at this website because it is our best chance and last chance at saving lively. We track our blog by using technorati a blog website that ranks blogs and provides good publicty for your blog. Another way we tracked our blog was by using In our lively protest i help create sound effects for some of our movies that we streamed in during our protest. Other than this I havent done anything with lively beacuse I never was in a group that had to do anything in lively. One way we and many other people do to get more people to read our blog is by advertising our product and leaving comments on other popular blogs about what we are trying to do and asking them to visit your blog. I have left comments on read write saying what that we are doing and trying to get people to understand what we are doing and what are goals we want to acomplish. I know that my effort was definantly worth plus it was in doing so. One of the lessons i will take from this great experience is that even though you may not feel important and you may not feel as if you can change the way people view you but you can. If someone where to ask me what i thought about student doing work on the internet and posting things online I would simply say everthing in life is a chance you just have to make the choice that you think is best and dont look back. I cant wait to start our digiteen island and am very exicted about it. I hope that we can learn to care what other poeple think and do what we think is best.

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