Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's Video and audio from the Google Lively Protest

This is the video recording of the protest (you'll need to forward about 5 minutes to when the protest begins.)  AT the end the students speak out and share their message about the benefits of Google Lively and virtual worlds and fielded some great questions from the ustream.

The protest audio file is available here. 


KosmiK Guru said...

Digiteens - The protest was very well organized! It was quite amazing to see how well planned the protest was - you had made Tshirt designs to wear on Lively Tshirts, put up a podium and posters in your protest room, were expressing the reasons for your protest and were even taking on questions. I applaud this effort by Digiteens and Coolcatteacher.

I sincerely hope Google is watching and will reconsider their decision.

Keep Lively Alive!


cure64 said...

we too at claret school of quezon city here at the philippines are also concerned about the nearly disappearance of lively in the web.
ythis site is perfect for both children and adult. the site is not only used to chat or speak with other people but it connects the minds and spirits of those who are welcome to be public.I am too is a member of this site and I am very fund of what I can do with it. to communicate with other people is the best thing to do to unite our world. if they are to disconnect the lively site. they are commiting a crime not only to its members but also to the action being connected. they are cutting our right to be free and to explore our wold. keep on protesting against google and i hope we will win.

dreamer2032 said...

Thank you everyone,
We appreciate all of your support in our goals. We would like to encourage everyone to try Google Lively so it will get Google's attention. We are thinking about having another protest sometime soon. The dates will be posted on this blog when we decide. Thank you everyone.

Vicki A. Davis said...

@KosmiK -- Thank you so much for helping us with the T-shirts. It was great to have those designed for the protest. Thank you for starting livelyzens.

@cure64 - Thank you for joining our protest - we've linked your information in a blog post.