Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hope's Reflection on Google Lively

This is Hope's reflection:

"I am a freshman at Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia. I take many different classes. One class I take is computer fundamentals. Over the past few months my ninth grade class and I have been teaching seventh grade students about the nine aspects of digital citizenship through Google Lively.

Lively is a web-based virtual environment produced by Google Inc. This project was a great success and was worth our time. The young children had fun and learned how to behave online. Lively was a great teaching tool used to teach the lessons for this educational project. We have recently received information that Google Lively is shutting down. We are very disappointed to know that our hard work and effort is going to be destroyed. The long hours that we have contributed to this project will be for nothing.

We have tried to save Google Lively in many different ways. We created an online protest room on Lively and invited everyone to participate in it. Trent H. created our online protest shirts that turned out to be a great accomplishment. Tyler R. created our protest room, designed the theme of the room, and add the furniture and many accessories. We created a Digiteen Dream Team website used to tell people about our fight to keep Lively alive. Digiteen Dream Team is a program created by several ninth grade students at Westwood Schools used to express our opinions about Google Lively shutting down. We have various blogs about the goals we are trying to accomplish and how we fell about this amazing program shutting down.

I contributed to this project in many ways. I add information to the numerous blogs and commented on many people's different opinions on the acts that we have preformed. I took notes to keep are project organized. Miller S. helped me keep the notes proper and neat. She was a great contributor to our project and we could not have done it without her. I sent messages to various news stations which helped us make our opinion known around the world. I created many of the videos we posted online and sent to important people that could help us with our problem.

I left a comment on Technorati about empowering students and blogging. I explained our situation to the blogger and thanked them for their feedback and support. I also sent an e-mail to the Oprah Winfrey website concerning Google Lively shutting down. I told her about our problem and asked her for support. I told her to tell her friends and family about our problem to make it known throughout the nation.

There are many measures used in effective blogging. You must first create a name that draws attention to the bloggers. You should always create a video explaining your problem and ways you plan to solve it. You can analyze a blog's ranking and traffic by going to the Technorati website. Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs. Your ranking is the number the people who have viewed our page. Our ranking was excellent for our project, but out teacher said that we still needed to reach out to as many people as possible. The traffic is how popular your page or blog is. These statistics show you how much progress you are accomplishing and how many people across the world are interested in your opinion.

You can create a name that draws the reader's attention. You need a name that will keep the bloggers interested in the topic you are talking about. You can create a video about your interests and goals and post them weekly. You can also posts pictures that represent your topic. You should comment back to people who give you feedback on your problem.

I feel that the effort was worth it. I had a lot of fun and it was worth my time and effort. My class and I learned how to create an online virtual world, how to create rooms, and how to treat people online. I learned the nine different aspects of digital citizenship and I learned how to be safe and secure online. I think that students should be allowed to explore virtual worlds after being told by a teacher how to behave properly online. I think that the teachers should give their students a chance before they band them from a certain program. I disagree because I think that the teachers should give the children time to learn about the program before they do not allow them to use it. There are numerous ways to prevent your work from getting deleted online.

I think we should create new rooms similar to our old rooms, but we should find ways to improve them. We had symbolic rooms that were created for a cause and I do not think they should be deleted, because they represent the hard work and long hours that we put into this project. We did a great job at creating rooms that went along with the topic we were talking about. I want to give credit to Tyler R. for making our Google Lively rooms a great success. I know that Mrs. Vicki will help her students make the appropriate chose of which type of room to create.

I learned many lessons throughout this project and I am devastated that this program is being shut down. I wish I could convince Google to change their minds. We have tried various ways to keep Lively from shutting down and it has not worked. Thank you Google Lively for creating this project and I hope you will reconsider your decision."

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