Monday, December 22, 2008

Riley's Reflection on Google Lively

During the digiteen project we made a blog called the Digiteen Dream Team. In this blog my job was to comment on other blogs created by my other classmates at school.

This is me in lively.

Some of the measures of effective blogging have been to add some things that people will think would be cool to read about and to have people to comment on them. Some of the cool things that you do in blogs are track how many people that enter and where they are from by going to the View Stats of Our Blog. They tell you a lot by telling you where there from, how many have been on in days, weeks, and etc, and how long they stay on.

Some of the ways that bloggers build "traffic" to there blog is make is easy and obvious and be more focused on the topic that there talking about.

I think that it was important that digiteen brought attention to lively. Although I think that if Google wants to shut down lively they have the right to if they need the space or money for something else. I learned for this situation that if they want to shut things down people are going to protest no matter what. And I would say that to the people using the web 2 technologies to go at it its worth the experience so that you could use it in the future.

I think that we should us the second life virtual world because its well known around the world on the internet and more people would notice.

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