Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zach's Virtual world

The second Virtual world I went on was called Our world. This world is kinda hard game to learn how to play there is one side you have to pay for and the other side is free. This game is safe to a extent the rules say not to give out personal information, but it really doesn't in force the rule. It is a very fun game though. This picture is the condo you get when you first start playing the game. You can play games, too earn coins to buy furniture and new rooms to the condo. Right now I only have this room and I bought the bed.
This is one of the games I play too earn coins too buy clothes and more. These games are really I could probably sit on the computer and play these games for hours.

This is one of the places you can go to and chat with people, but you don't know if your talking to teen or an adult. This world is still fun for ages 13 and up.
  1. Is this age the company markets appropriate?
- yes the age is appropriate
  1. Is it easy to set up?

-yes it is very easy

  1. Is it fun?
- yes very fun to play could play it for hours
  1. Can you explore it with ease?
- no it is kinda hard too until you got the hang of it

  1. Does it cost anything?
no but to get more things it does

6. Does it glitch much?
-no not at all
7. Are there safety polices that the company posts?


8. Is it educational?

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