Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The wonderful world of Fantage

Fantage is a fun, colorful virtual world. This is very kid friendly and age appropriate for young kids.It is very easy to access and to play. Kids of all ages can play plus even teenagers because they have a 13 and older chat. Adding friends is very easy all you have to do is click on the friend you wish to add and click the plus button. To earn stars, you go to the world map to pick out the game for you and you play games which earns you stars. With the stars, you can buy furniture, clothes, hair styles, and many more. If you have problems with anything there is always someone around to help you and there are tutorials.
There is a downside to Fantage because when you purchase items many are marked as Premium Members can only buy these items. To become a Premium Member, you have to purchase an account.

I tried to test other virtual worlds like Kaneva but there was a problem every time I tried to log in and it was very hard to move around. It always said an administrator would be contacted but it looked like nothing changed and i did not receive and email.

This is the evaluation form we have set up for testing virtual worlds. We will copy the evaluation and post it on our blog.
  1. Is this age the company markets appropriate?
There is a chat set up for teenagers 13 and older and there is a chat for younger kids.
  1. Is it easy to set up?
It is very easy to set and it probably took me a max of 2 minutes.
  1. Is it fun?
It was really fun. They have a world map full of fun and games.
  1. Can you explore it with ease?
It is very easy to explore and if i ever needed help I could type in a question to other members that were on Fantage.
  1. Does it cost anything?
It is free to sign up but Fantage has many items you can buy marked for Premium Members only. The cost of a Premium Member is $69.99 a year.
  1. Does it glitch much?[b]
Every time I logged on I never had a problem.

7. Are there safety polices that the company posts?

When you sign in or sign up, there is a link to the company's safety policies on the bottom right hand side.

8. Is it educational?
I was only on this world for a short time so I played only a few games. There might be a couple of games that are educational but I didn't see them.


8. Is it educational?
I never really saw any educational games because I was only Fantage for a short time so there might be a couple out there.

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