Monday, July 20, 2009

Techno Cat: Book of the Future

The month of April was one of the busiest months of the school year. There were baseball, tennis, track, and golf finals. The final projects that our teachers had assigned were due and there were end of the year tests to complete. Among all of the chaos, there was a flicker of light that emerged about the middle of April. Our computer teacher, Mrs. Vicki, announced that our ninth grade class would be attempting something that none of her classes had ever done before. Our class was going to write a book. When the idea of becoming new authors came around, our stress of all of the projects, tests, and matches slipped away. We divided the book into chapters. Each chapter was filled with information that our class learned and thought that other students, parents, and teachers needed to know. We finished the rough draft of our chapters before we left school for spring break. After taking our break, we came back to school ready to finish our book. When school resumed after spring break, we decided on a title. Techno Cat was born. We chose that title because the mascot of our school is a wildcat, and we want everybody to be technology savvy. Because of a school wide project along with an award show that we were planning, the finalizing of our book was post-poned. After a long wait, we were back and ready to finish our book. For our summer computer assignment, I joined a group with Sydnee S., Hope B., and Jordan B. and we decided to work with the book. We wanted to take an advertising approach with the book. We wrote a script for the advertising our book. The commercial will incorporate what its like to be overwhelmed by many extra-curricular activities as well as final exams for school. Our goal is to alleviate the stress that students along with teachers feel during the last few months of school by teaching them how to use the Internet efficiently. We also made a survey of questions for the book that people want to know. This book is written for the people. We want everyone to be comfortable in using the computer and all of the applications that come with it. By making surveys, we will not only be allowing people to put their input into the book, but also allow people to know that we are writing a book about technology. Techno Cat is a book of the future. It will give people so much information about current applications that the computer offers that can make projects, exams, tests, and any other things that's on your to-do list less stressful. As the Internet is becoming very popular as well as the applications that go with it, many people need to learn the correct way to use it so that they may use it to its full potential. For all of the questions that you may have, Techno Cat is there. Techno Cat is the book of the future.

Miller S.

My freshman year at Westwood Schools was one of the busiest times of my life. We were crammed with final projects and our athletes were training for their final competitions with their opponents. The 2008-2009 school year was not only stressful but extremely pleasing. During the end of April our ninth grade computer fundamentals class began writing a book. We debated on the name for a couple of weeks but finally discovered a sentimental name Techno Cat. In this title we not only express the basis of our information in our book but it also represents our school because our mascot is a wildcat head. The book was divided into chapters each chapter containing valuable information that we had learned throughout the year. Each student in the ninth grade class was appointed a specific chapter to write about with the help of a fellow classmate. We believed that students, teachers, and adults across the world needed to acknowledge the concepts of computer fundamentals. Our book provides people with information about technology in today's society. We completed our rough drafts on our chapters before we were dismissed for spring break. When we returned back for the remainder of our school year the finalizing book was forced to a halt. We started to begin a high school wide project and we also were asked to participate in the Netgen Awards Ceremony. Since we had not completed our book we decided to incorporate a publicity statement in our summer assignment. I am partnered up in a group with Sydnee S. and Miller S. We plan to write a commercial script advertising our new book. In our commercial we create a setting about two teenagers facing the everyday stress of final exams. We distribute different ways that make final exam time easier and less stressful for teenage children. Our book helps teenagers discover new and creative ways to make learning easier. We still teach children important information but we give them options on how to understand it easier. All three of us produced the script. We gave each other advice and edited one another's paragraphs. Sydnee and Miller both were a tremendous help and put forth effort to make our summer assignment a great success. My group has decided to create a google survey of questions for our book viewers. The opinion of our readers is extremely crucial. We ask various questions about how we can improve our book. The creation of our book is not only for the knowledge of teenagers but also for adults. In our survey we ask teenage parents about the safety of their teenagers today. We each typed up three important questions and combined them together to produce our book survey. Each student in our group is required to write one blog post about the advertisement of our book and post it on the Digi Teen Dream Team website. We have not yet published our book we plan to complete it when school resumes. I learned a lot over this past year and it was a tremendous help to my education. I enjoyed learning new and exciting activities. I look forward to the 2009-2010 school year that lies ahead.

Hope B.

Spring is by far the busiest time of an athletic and academic school year. Not only do you have sports commitments, but you also have projects,tests, and finals. During our time of stress one of our teachers told us about an assignment that would be something none of her students had ever done before. Our freshmen class was going to write a book about the different ways we use technology. Each person in our class was assigned a part of a chapter. We spent a few days on our chapters making sure they were the best that they could be and everything was thoroughly explained. Then we had a job that was not nearly as difficult. We had to give our book a name. After debating different names for a few days we finally decided on one. Techno Cat. By the time our spring break our book was ready, but we had to wait a little while longer. Following spring break we were even busier because we had a new project, the Immersion Project, and our awards show in Open Sim. With the Immersion Project and the awards show behind us we are now ready to finish the book and have it published.
Now we all have a new challenge, advertising our book. My groups summer computer assignment was to begin advertising our book. So with the help of my classmates we are going to write a script for a commercial, make a survey and write a blog post. Our book will help you to be able to use the computer while being able to continue with your everyday life. We want this book to help your life be more stress free. This book will really help you.
Sydnee S.

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